How I work.

My illustration style is loose and energetic, so I tend to work by producing several initial sketches for commissioned illustrations.

Initially, these will be just rough drawings to explore composition and content. These are usually done in pencil.

The second stage will be an initial set of inked illustrations based on your feedback on the roughs.

In order to keep energy in the illustration, I work on a one-take process – what I draw is what you get (obviously there are versions to choose from).

I’ve found that too much messing around with the original drawing tends to kill it. So whilst I will to subtle tweaks to the linework, significant changes require a redraw.

Once the final illustration is selected, it’s then scanned and taken into Adobe Illustrator to be coloured.

Again, there are usually several rounds of tweaks and amends to colours before we get to final artwork.




What you get.

I am experienced in designing for print, so all the files I supply are press-ready and error-free.

All paths are closed and the final illustration will be perfect for any final output.

Typically I supply the original vector file, PNGs, JPGs and PDF versions.

If we’ve agreed on a range of colour-ways, then these too will all be supplied.



I work pretty quickly, so I am usually able to provide initial rough drawings within 24-48 hours.

What happens after that can depend on your availability, feedback and decisions.

Redraws can take an additional 24 hours to get over to you.

If you need something quickly, the best way to ensure a speedy delivery is a well written brief or description of what you are looking for.

If your requirements are a little more conceptual-based, and you need me to have a think about things and suggest creative direction, this can take longer.

I usually find that a quick chat through on the phone is the best way to get a project started.