Hire me.

If you would like a bespoke illustration, illustrated logo or whatever, it’s best to get in touch via email first to check my availability.

Depending on what you need, I can usually turn things around quite quickly.

I do like to receive a written brief (no matter how short), so we both know what’s needed.


What I charge.

My charges are be based on two things; what you want me to do and what you want to use it for.

Obviously, the larger and more complex the project, the higher the fees will be.

As a guide, I charge as follows:

  • Single character illustrations with 4-6 initial roughs, 2-3 rounds of amends and final artwork: IRO £99.00
  • Icon sets (up to nine icons), initial roughs and tweaks as above: IRO £199.00
  • Illustrated logos with 3-4 initial roughs and 2-3 rounds of amends: IRO £299.00

These are guide charges. I offer discounts to NFPs and Charities.

Commission me



I try to keep licencing simple.

I allow my illustrations to be used by clients across all print and digital project without any limitations on print runs, impressions or the number of projects they can be used on.

What you can do:

  • Use the illustration across any print or digital project without limitation
  • Use the illustration at any size
  • Use the illustration in part or in whole (cropping only)

What you can’t do (under a basic commission):

  • You must not use the illustration on anything that is resold
  • You must not upload the illustration in any form (part or whole) to any website for resale in any way
  • You may not alter the original illustration (other than cropping)
  • You may not distribute the illustration (for free or otherwise) on- or off-line

If you have specific usage requirements for any of my work, it’s best to let me know up-front so we can discuss a more bespoke licensing arrangement for you.



All projects require a cleared payment of 25% of quoted fees before anything starts.


Kill fees.

Projects sometimes get cancelled. Fact of life.

If you’ve commissioned me to work on a project that gets pulled, the following kill-fees will apply.

  • Roughs stage – no kill-fees but your 25% deposit will cover this work
  • First staged inked concepts – an additional 20% of remaining billable fees
  • First stage coloured concepts – an additional 50% of remaining billable fees
  • Artwork stage – 75% – 100% of remaining fees

Any commission I take on is subject to these terms.

That may all sound a little formal, but I think it’s generally best to be up-front and transparent about how I work.

Obviously everyone is different, so I can be flexible on all projects – the best thing to do is give me a call and we’ll have a chat through what you need!