Childrens book illustration

I produce a wide range of illustrations for clients across many different sectors.

My illustration work is perfect for children, and I’ve illustrated several children’s books.

My most recent work is writing and illustrating two children’s books about Oral Health.

‘How to Brush your Teeth’ and ‘What to eat and Drink for healthy teeth’ are two publications that I have written and illustrated with the helpful guidance of The British Dental Health Association.


These children’s books are very simple guides to keeping children’s teeth healthy. My style of illustration pairs-back this ¬†complex process and illustrates it in a basic step-by-step method that children can digest and understand – perfect for childrens book illustration.

The quirky illustrated characters resonate well with children as they are human characters – a lot of similar books in the genre choose to use animals as the main character, but my children’s book illustrations allow them to connect more with the main characters.

Spot illustrations

Much of my work takes the form of spot illustrations that can be used in children’s books.

I have a loose, cartoon-style and my work is bright, fun and can convey quite complex information in a simplified format for younger readers.

book illustrations children

I work on paper with marker pens to keep the illustration style quick and lively, moving finalised illustrations into Illustrator where they are coloured and art worked. This way of working makes my illustrations easy to use for children’s books, websites and other materials.

illustrations- or childrens books

If you’re looking for a children’s book illustrator for your next project, I’d love the opportunity to talk to you about how I work and what I can do for you.

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